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Hello my dear honourable guest, welcome to my blog tipsoftour.com! I am Mr. John M Keynes the approach, director, advisor & writer of this “Tips of Tour”. I think that you will be agreed with me, most of the person wants to be happier and more enjoyable in his/her life beside his/her daily activities. Because they are very busy with his/her profession & family, that’s why they couldn’t balance profession and family and faced some physical and mental depression in his/her career and family life and they feel tired & upset to continue their daily job. 

There are many peoples in the world who are very happy to travel his/her weekend, they find a little peace, while many people want to travel for mental satisfaction and required for sustained physical activity, and also want to give happiness to their family members. Lots of people’s profession is traveling who travel most of the time around the year. This blog is helpful for all type of travellers to know about the most beautiful and attractive places in the world, flight fare, top hotels, top restaurants, booking system, etc. 

This blog is just about all these travellers, who are searching for their travel information temporarily. It is very comfortable for users of all ages and devices. It has an exceptional look, attractive search bar and responsive menu bar that will help every user to find anything easily. Guidance of service team provides appropriate service, answering the visitor’s comments in due time, trying to meet all the needs of the valuable visitors. Improve the website by linking future simultaneous changes and fabulous information. So, stay with “Tips of Tour” and make sure your happy travel for the right time and right guide. Thank you. Have a good day… 

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  1. Our slogan “Never compromise the quality of service”. “Quality is our strength”  
  2. Provide 100% proper information 
  3. Convenient bloggers and useful on all devices.  
  4. Build bridges between navigator and nature. 
  5. Improved quality in professional and writing skill. 
  6. Trusty & friendly relationship with our respected visitors